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Millennials And Sex Toys

Millennials And Sex Toys

Millennials have consistently shown they will never be satisfied with the status-quo. You don’t need to look any further than the sex toys industry for confirmation of that very fact. Indeed, millennial men and women have opened their minds and bodies to a new world of possibilities.

The Evolution of the Millennial Sexual Revolution
First, the millennial sexual revolution made it acceptable to “hook-up” without having to deal with the stigma of too many sex partners. Then, it was the attitude of anything goes that became prevalent. It’s this open-mindedness that opened the door to the use of vibrators, dildos and other assorted toys to increase sexual pleasure in the bedroom, or wherever the desire my arise.

Sex Toys Go Mainstream
It’s a brave new sexual world. Women can demand they get the sexual pleasure they deserve. If they can’t get it from their partner(s), there’s no reason that can’t introduce Joujou sex toys into the game. Much to the credit of millennial males, they don’t seem to be as threatened by sexual devices as men from past generations. In fact, men seem to have embraced the option of using toys to deliver maximum pleasure. For the most part, it’s a win-win for everyone concerned. The women get what they want/need, and the men can’t miss. Their performance is no longer judged on personal performance but simply on their ability to help their partner experience great orgasms.

The Products
Of course, the sex toys industry deserves much credit as well. The top sex toys distributors and manufactures have seized on the not so subtle changes in sexual attitudes throughout the world. It doesn’t hurt that sex toys have become mainstream products, no longer having to arrive at the front door in a plain brown paper bag.

Further enhancing the popularity of sex toys has been the introduction of variety. Vibrators and dildos are now available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. They also come in colors that would blow a normal person’s mind. With so many choices, it has become a truly enjoyable experience for sex couples to go shopping for new sex toys. After all, what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Factor in affordability and easy accessibility, it becomes clear that the sex toys industry is going to be headed in an upward trajectory for generations to come.

The end result of this revolution is healthier sexual relationships and better sexual attitudes among men a women. No one should be surprised to start seeing older women from past generations joining in the fun. After years accepting the status-quo, women of all ages can now grasp control of their own sexuality. They can be bold and get that which they crave.

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